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Fishing At Barlings Country Park

The acres of fishing lakes at Barlings country holiday park are stocked with a great variation of Carp (Common, Mirror, Ghost etc), Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch and many more ranging in sizes from fry up to 26lb+.

All fish are very well looked after by fishermen due to our relatively strict rules on nets and general handling of the fish. At Barlings we have two main fishing lakes with very different environments for you to choose from, our Willow Lake is largely open and deeper than Kingfisher which is shallower and more covered from surrounding bushes.

Each lake is close to the touring and camping area and there are disinfecting tubs by each lake for use by everyone before fishing. The Kingfisher Lake is a more natural environment offering a wide range of fish and really is a great place to let the world go by. There is always a staff member on hand to ensure that other fishermen are acting appropriately and not impacting on your fishing session as we feel people deserve to have the perfect conditions for catching the perfect fish. We allow brand named Carp pellets and boilies, meats, worms, maggots, bread and corn to be used as baits but ask you not to use barbed or oversized hooks.

Please remember there is accommodation to rent for your perfect fishing get away.

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Fishing Tariff

Day Fishing & Matches
Fishing £6/Rod
Concessionary Fishing £5/Rod
Additional Rods £1
Sorry No Night Fishing
Day Fishing Tickets on sale at Reception

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